What's a Co-op? Why Join?

Our Consumer Co-op is owned and controlled by all of your friends and neighbors that shop at our store!  Anyone can join the Co-op and receive the benefits of being an owner of our grocery store.  

Your investment in the Co-op becomes immediate working capital for our store.  We use your equity to help us pay for things that make our store even more awesome (like our new roof)!  In exchange for your support of the long-term health of our Co-op, you can receive financial benefits in-store (owner sales, seasonal discounts, and more!) that we give back to owners every time you shop.  

In a Co-op, your Owner investment also gives you a voice and a vote.  You have the chance to offer your wisdom and ideas for how you feel our Co-op can best serve our community!  Your Board of Directors is elected by YOU each year so you can best choose who to represent you at the table.  In fact, you can even have a seat at that table, because joining the Co-op also gives you a chance to run for our Board.  

If you join the Co-op and then leave the area, your investment is returned to you for it's full value.  Your equity is yours to take back, and it's always fun to hear from Isla Vista Food Co-op owners who invested and moved away, and took their refunded share to the Co-op in their new community and joined right away!